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Sweet_sexyy is officially closed.

We may open up again at another time.


Jackie; sorry i didn't talk to you before i made this decision!! but i figured you wouldn't mind. :)


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im going to be quiting livejournal for a while. i just dont see the point in it anymore. Im on MYSPACE... i have been for a while. however i do not use it as a blog, i pretty much only use it for keeping contact with friends. but if anyone wants to keep in touch my address is http://www.myspace.com/ddglilangel

good luck with everything
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uh yeah... im not very active and im not gonna be active over the summer.. this community lasted a long time but i think its slowly dying. and im getting bored of communities and lj all together. but i think ill keep this comm running. or not. idk..but i honestly dont think ill be on the computer much over the summer and stuff. next week is finals....bleh. anyway idk what im gonna do with this..jackie what do u think we should do LOL.